Statue Sponsorship

Each statue along the Trail of Governors will cost $72,000 to design, sculpt and erect. To help fund this exciting project, major sponsorships are being offered for those funding:

One-quarter Statue


Three-quarter Statue


One-half Statue


One-full Statue


The sponsors can fund the pledges over multiple years before the statue is completed.

These special sponsors will be recognized on a plaque, permanently affixed to the statue. The plaques will have four lines of 50 characters and sponsors will receive one line for each quarter of the statue. For instance, individuals who sponsor one-quarter statue will receive one line of text. Those sponsoring an entire statue will receive four lines of text. Corporate logos will not be placed on the sculptures.

Download a Trail of Governors sponsorship form – Trail of Governors Sponsorship Form.

Funds for the Trail of Governors Foundation will be placed in an account with the South Dakota Community Foundation. All donations are tax-deductible and sponsors will be invited to special unveiling ceremonies in Pierre!

Donations of any amount are welcome and are recorded on the donor page along with the Governor donated to.

The following is a list of our special sponsors to date:

The funded pledges are shown in green

33rd Gov. Kristi Noem Scheduled for 202? (End of term)

32nd Gov. Dennis Daugaard (2011-2019)

Statue Completed

Friends and Family of Governor Dennis Daugaard – $18,000
Rotarians of District 5610 – $18,000
South Dakota Community Foundation – $18,000
Scott and Julia Jones – $18,000

31st Gov. M. Michael Rounds (2003-2011)

Statue Completed

Families of Steve and Trace Beck – Beck Motor Company – $17,000
Fischer Rounds and Associates – $17,000
Friends and Family of Governor M. Michael Rounds – $34,000

M. Michael Rounds Plaque

27th and 30th Gov. William J. Janklow (1979-1987 and 1995-2003)

Statue Completed

Family and Friends – $68,000

Gov. William J. Janklow Plaque

29th Gov. Walter D. Miller (1993-1995)

Statue Completed

Walter D. Miller Family – $17,000
Mansour Karim Family – $17,000
Leroy and Charlene Foster – $17,000
Lt. Governor Steve and Suzette Kirby – $17,000

Gov. Walter D. Miller Plaque

28th Gov. George S. Mickelson (1987-1993)

Statue Completed

Linda Mickelson Graham – Mickelson Family Fund – $51,000
South Dakota Community Foundation – $17,000

Gov. George S. Mickelson Plaque

26th Gov. Harvey Wollman (1978)

Statue Completed

Charles and David Gwinn – $18,000
Scott and Julia Jones – $18,000

Gov. Harvey Wollman Plaque

25th Gov. Richard Kneip (1971-1978)

Statue Completed

Friends and Family – $68,000

Gov. Richard Kneip Plaque

24th Gov. Frank Farrar (1969-1971)

Statue Completed

First National Bank – 1/3 Sponsorship
First Savings Bank – 1/3 Sponsorship
Capital Card Services – 1/3 Sponsorship

Gov. Frank Farrar Plaque

23rd Gov. Nils Boe (1965-1969)

Statue Completed

Bankwest/Charles Burke II – $68,000

Gov. Nils Boe Plaque

22nd Gov. Archie Gubbrud (1961-1965)

Statue Completed

Lance and Julie Burma in memory of Walter D. Miller – $17,000
Gary and Connie Grittner – $17,000
Leroy Foster and April Smart  – $18,000
Leroy Foster in Memory of Elsie Shelbourn – $18,000


21st Gov. Ralph Herseth (1959-1961)

Statue Completed

Friends of the Trail of Governors 
Family and friends of Governor Ralph Herseth 
Scott and Julia Jones (In memory of his assistant Eugenia Norbeck) – $18,000

20th Gov. Joe Foss (1955-1959)

Statue Completed

Farm Credit Services of America – $17,000
Dr. Frank and Pamela Foss, Mary Joe Foss Finke – $17,000
Chuck and Bonny Schroyer – $18,000
Friends and Family – $17,000

Joe Foss Plaque

19th Gov. Sigurd Anderson (1951-1955)

Statue Completed

Leroy and Charlene Foster – $24.000
Mansour and Ruth Karim – $25,000
Mark and Glennis Zarecky – $24,000

Sigurd Anderson Plaque

18th Gov. George T. Mickelson (1947-1951)

Statue Completed

Thomas and Patricia Adam – $17,000
G Mark and Cynthia Mickelson – $17,000
Karlton C. and Joan Adam Family/ Dakota State Bank – 1/6 Sponsorship
Joseph and Kathryn Carmody – 1/6 Sponsorship
Thomas and Kristin Reaves and Family – 1/6 Sponsorship

Gov. George T. Mickelson Plaque

17th Gov. Merrell Sharpe (1943-1947)

Statue Completed

Leroy and Charlene Foster – $18,000
Gary and Connie Grittner – $17,000
Rick and Ana Jensen – $18,000
Lynn’s Dakotamart, Inc. – $18,000

16th Gov. Harlan Bushfield (1939-1943)

Statue Completed

Harlan Bushfield Family – $17,000
American Bank & Trust, Miller SD – $17,000
Leroy & Charlene Foster – $17,000

Trail of Governors Board Members

Rick Jensen – $2500
Patricia Van Gerpen – $2500
Tina Van Camp – $2500
Patricia Adam – $2500
Leroy Foster – $2500
Patricia Miller – $2500
Chuck Schroyer – $2500

Gov. Harlan Bushfield Plaque

15th Gov. Leslie Jensen (1937-1939)

Statue Completed

Karen Jensen Ozias – $18,000
Leroy and Charlene Foster – $18,000
Natalie Jensen – $18,000
Les Jensen – $18,000

Leslie Jensen Plaque

14th Gov. Tom Berry (1933-1937)

Statue Completed

First National Bank of Philip – $18,000
Family and friends of Governor Berry – $54,000

Tom Berry Plaque

13th Gov. Warren Green (1931-1933)

Statue Completed

Leroy and Charlene Foster – $25,000
Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren of Governor Warren Green – $18,000
Mansour and Ruth Karim – $25,000

Gov. Warren Green Plaque

12th Gov. William Bulow (1927-1931)

Scheduled for 2022

Gary and Connie Grittner – $18,000
Tony and Sara Venhuizen – $18,000

11th Gov. Carl Gunderson (1925-1927)

Statue Completed

The Gunderson Family, three generations honoring all that he valued. – $72,000

10th Gov. William McMaster (1921-1925)

Statue Completed

Friends of the Trail of Governors – $36,000
Scott and Julia Jones – $18,000
South Dakota Bankers Association – $18,000

9th Gov. Peter Norbeck (1917-1921)

Statue Completed

Dr. Karl and Margaret Cash Wegner – $34,000
David and Rebecca Scott – $34,000

Gov. Peter Norbeck Plaque

8th Gov. Frank Byrne (1913-1917)

Scheduled for 2022

Scott and Julia Jones – $18,000

7th Gov. Robert Vessey (1909-1913)

Statue Completed

South Dakota Retailers Association – $34,000
Ron & Linda Olinger Honoring Jerry Wheeler – $17,000
Gus & Jan Ritchey – $17,000

Gov. Robert Vessey Plaque

6th Gov. Coe Crawford (1907-1909)

Statue Completed

Jason and Michelle Glodt Family – $18,000
Scott and Julia Jones – $18,000

5th Gov. Samuel Elrod (1905-1907)

Statue Completed

Gary and Connie Grittner – $18,000
Leroy Foster and April Smart – $18,000

4th Gov. Charles Herreid (1901-1905)

Statue Completed

Friends of the Trail of Governors – $36,000
Governor’s Inn/Leroy Foster and John Poncelet, Manager – $17,000
Scott and Julia Jones – $18,000


3rd Gov. Andrew Lee (1897-1901)

Scheduled for 2022

Jay and Elizabeth Vogt – $18,000
Scott and Julia Jones – $18,000
The Gunderson Family – $18,000

2nd Gov. Charles Sheldon (1893-1897)

Statue Completed

Tom and Mary Tveit – $18,000
Run with the Govs Participants – $18,000
Friends of the Trail of Governors – $36,000

1st Gov. Arthur Mellette (1889-1893)

Statue Completed

Curtis D. & Kimberley A. Mortenson – $17,000
Matthew and April Smart – $34,000
Tom and Mary Tveit – $17,000

Gov. Arthur Mellette Plaque

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