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South Dakota is small in

                           population, yet big on ideas.

                                                                      We have Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial,

                                                                                         and the Trail of Governors.

                                                                              No other state can claim any of these.

                                                                                  Leroy Foster and Rick Jensen, Pierre businessmen and friends
                                                                                   that later became Trail of Governors Foundation board members,

                                                                                 imagined the project while chatting one day downtown in the state’s
                                                                                 capital city. And now, with funds from generous donors like many of
                                                                                  you reading this, the trail is reality. Folks like you invested in South

                                                                                          Dakota’s history, the arts and the visitor industry.

                                        TRAIL OF GOVERNORS                           South Dakota’s governors slayed many dragons as they faced
                                             FOUNDATION’S                        challenges throughout our state’s history. When the going gets tough,
                                                                                  the tough get going – and history tells us how that played out from
                                     2022 ANNUAL REPORT
                                                                                  more than a century ago and has continued to present times. South

                                                                                      Dakotans do not shy away from hard work and challenges.
                                                                                         In fact, we embrace them, just as we do our dreams.

                                                                                     Each bronze statue you see today cost the Trail of Governors

                                                                                 Foundation about $72,000. The foundation has raised more than two
                                                                                 and a quarter million dollars to commission and erect 31 statues and
                                                                                                   host 10 unveiling ceremonies.
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