$10,000 +

David and Christine Billion

  • Governor Richard Kneip

Capitol Bancorporation, Inc.

  • Governor Dennis Daugaard

Joe and Kathryn Carmody

  • Governor George T. Mickelson

Jason and Michelle Glodt Family

  • Governor Coe I. Crawford

Lars and Diane Herseth/Herseth Ranch

  • Governor Ralph Herseth

Rick and Ana Jensen

  • Governor Harlan Bushfield
  • Governor Merrell Q. Sharpe

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph “Shorty” Jones

  • Governor Tom Berry
  • Governor Ralph Herseth

Mickelson Family Fund

  • Governor George S. Mickelson
  • Governor Dennis Daugaard

Curtis D. and Kimberley A. Mortenson

  • Governor Coe I. Crawford, including the South Dakota Bar Association’s commitment

Nancy F. Phipps Trust

  • Governor Tom Berry

Thomas and Kristin (Carmody) Reaves

  • Governor George T. Mickelson

Run with the Govs Participants

  • Governor Charles H. Sheldon

South Dakota Humanities Council

South Dakota Humanities

Tonnis H. and Sara Venhuizen

  • Governor William J. Bulow
  • Governor M. Michael Rounds

Mark and Glennis Zarecky

  • Governor Sigurd Anderson

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