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Welcome to the Trail of Governors.

Latest News!

Trail of Governors Charles Burke III of Bankwest presenting a $68,000 check to Stephanie Judson of the SD Community Foundation for Governor Nils Boe to be completed in 2016 in honor of his dad Charles Burke II.

Statues to be completed in 2015

  • 25th Governor Richard Kneip by Lee Leuning and Sherri Treeby
  • 18th Governor George T. Mickelson by James Michael Maher
  • 4th Governor Charles Herreid by John Lopez

Statues to be completed in 2016

  • 11th Governor Carl Gunderson
  • 23rd Governor Nils Boe
  • 31st Governor M. Michael Rounds

On November 1st, 2014, the State of South Dakota hosted three different events to help celebrate the 125th Anniversary of becoming a state. These galleries contain photographs from these events.

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Photos by Keith Hemmelman

South Dakota 125th: The amazing life and tragic death of Governor Arthur Mellette Brian Allen. Tonight we continue our nearly year long coverage of South Dakota's 125th year of statehood. South Dakota's first governor was named Arthur Mellette. When we first started working on this story, we thought we were just learning about a leader. What we found as well: a love story....that came to a tragic end. Read Full Story

Trail of Governors Trace Beck of Beck Motors presents a $17,000 check for the Governor Michael Rounds statue which will be completed at a later date to Stephanie Judson of the South Dakota Community Foundation.

Exploring The "Trail of Governors"

In Pierre, a group of volunteers is trying to get a project off the ground. It involves all the men who have served as governor of South Dakota and finding a way to honor their contributions in a way that will allow all of us...and future learn about the leaders of our state.

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Statues to Honor SD Governors

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Established in 2010, the Trail of Governors Foundation is committed to honoring South Dakota’s chief executives in a unique and lasting manner. While the physical trail is located in South Dakota’s state capital, the project has brought partners together from across the state and beyond its borders.
Trail of GovernorsThe foundation has commissioned South Dakota artists to create life-sized, bronze statues of the state’s past governors. A minimum of three statues will be erected each year and the “Trail of Governors” will connect the state capitol and the Missouri River. The foundation is relying entirely upon private donations and corporate underwriters to fulfill its vision. Dakota Prairie Bank and Leroy and Charlene Foster are providing interest-free loans to underwrite a portion of this project and up to four sponsors are needed to fund each statue. The South Dakota Community Foundation is also a project partner and all donations are tax-deductible. Up to four sponsors are needed for each South Dakota governor and donations are tax-deductible.

The governor statues will follow the timeline and order established working from outside inward, i.e. the first year’s statues will include an early governor (Mellette) and a recent governor to leave office (Miller), as well as a mid-timeline governor (Bushfield). Collectively, the artists have the ability to do up to six statues each year. Thus, additional governors may be moved up within the timeline provided a sponsor comes forward with full funding. A timeline for the creation of each statue may be found here.

This is a truly unique and South Dakotan way to honor our state’s leaders. We hope this project will spark your interest and we hope you will contact us with any questions or comments you might have. In the meantime, we ask you to check back occasionally and follow the progress! Thanks again for stopping by and enjoy our website!
Trail of Governors